Parents Life Created An IVF Calculator

IVF Calculator

To be able to help intended parents to deal with egg donation or/and surrogacy packages, Parents Life created an IVF calculator.

IVF Calculator

Calculate the cost of your IVF treatment in Ukraine.

To be able to help intended parents to deal with egg donation or/and surrogacy packages, Parents Life created an IVF calculator. The aim of an IVF calculator was to decipher and harmonize the divergent cost structures involved in the entire egg donation or/and surrogacy and create a generic budget with expected cost estimates.

While Parents Life does not publicize each procedure’s cost sheet, the broad spectrum of information can be used to produce a generic budget.

The all-round listing of all cost components in standardized groups is the first of its kind and offers intended parents a definitive listing of possible costs. While many others do not offer clear estimates of all possible surrogacy cost components, Parents Life filled the omissions with data from own experience with intended parents that have undergone their services.

The budget consists of two parts: one has all the non-medical costs associated with a surrogate i.e. agency and legal costs, compensation and expenses. Another one has the egg donation and IVF costs i.e. donor matching, legal charges, compensation and expenses; and medical screening of all parties, IVF treatment, lab charges, medications, monitoring and other associated costs.

Parents Life listed all of the potential cost aspects of each general function or service and provided the fair prices we have seen associated with these components when they are quoted individually.

Being offered like a budgeting aid, the budget represents cost estimates of the entire egg donation or/and surrogacy.

These cost estimates include only fundamental journeys – namely, they do not include costs related to getting twins, optional medical procedures or when several IVF cycles are needed.

The budget makes it possible for intended parents to calculate likely costs of these scenarios. Intended parents embarking upon egg donation or/and surrogacy must formulate their own budget in line with the specific services needed.

To further assist intended parents to budget their own egg donation or/and surrogacy journey, Parents Life developed some cost saving tips.

Below are the tips on several discretionary components concerning egg donor or/and surrogate matches, instances where there might be tradeoffs between time and money and on optional medical procedures.

The Average Cost of In vitro fertilization (IVF) Cycle

 surrogacy cost calculator


 surrogacy cost calculator
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