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Assisted reproduction is a complex, emotional and costly journey but well worth the result – birth of a healthy newborn baby. Generally speaking, this process involves selection of a surrogacy agency, picking up an IVF clinic, selection of an egg donor, selection of a surrogate, IVF treatment, fertilizing of eggs, embryo transfer into a surrogate and finally, after spending up some time, the birth of a healthy newborn baby.

May 2024

Here You Can Find the Details of How to Contact Us at Parents Life

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29A, Sagaydachnogo Petra Str.
Kyiv-04070, Ukraine
+380.50.469.9880, +380.66.031.0308

Here you can find contact us details and address information for Parents Life office location. We appreciate your feedback and your perspective, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

For many couples having a newborn baby is simply not possible without a help and kindness of others. In our first years of operation, several surrogate babies were born and we continue to offer kind support and cordial advice to women who wish to be egg donors or surrogates within our egg donation and surrogacy programs, and to couples who wish to meet them once an infertility issue is diagnosed.

At Parents Life, we work with our co-operative physicians in the most prominent clinics throughout Ukraine, and we unite their passion with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous controls to ensure that the programs we bring to you are of the highest European quality.

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