How Much Does Gestational Surrogacy Cost In Ukraine?

Guaranteed Packages Are Offered

Gestational surrogacy can be affordable! Different market players might have different surrogacy cost structures related with the surrogacy in Ukraine.

Surrogacy Cost

Estimated costs for gestational surrogacy in Ukraine.

Different market players might have different surrogacy cost structures related with the surrogacy in Ukraine. This is determined by the fact that the latter apply various marketing strategies towards surrogacy cost structures, while their scope of services frequently is not identical.

Parents Life offers surrogacy packages with the services categorized based on the surrogacy program stages and service type.

When using packaged services, intended parents can take notice of the range and completeness of services embedded. Sometimes, the services are presented by means of a summary of specific procedures with fixed prices. For example, payment for the services of lawyer, medical consultant or supervisor might be offered on the per-hour basis. The main expenditure services associated with the surrogacy program are listed below:

  • Services associated with the selection of a surrogate,
  • Medical examination and the price of the IVF or any other medical procedure performed in the IVF clinics and medications used throughout the IVF cycle,
  • Living costs of a surrogate,
  • Responsibilities towards a surrogate in the situation of a failure of the IVF cycle or perhaps an early pregnancy interruption,
  • Responsibilities for the monthly financial compensation (alimentation) of a surrogate (terms and amount should be specified in the surrogacy agreement),
  • Prenatal care of a surrogate in a full compliance using the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare (in a maternity hospital at home of surrogate or on the commercial basis in a private clinic),
  • Pregnancy maintenance (inpatient or outpatient treatment within the situation of a risk of miscarriage),
  • Delivery of a surrogate, in case of delivery in a maternity hospital at home of a surrogate (that is officially “free of charge”) as well as in case of using a commercial specialized hospital,
  • Full legal support,
  • Financial reimbursement compensated to a surrogate after delivery,
  • Additional remuneration to a surrogate in case of a multiple pregnancy.

Additional financial costs related to complicated pregnancy and/or delivery (incl. cesarean section delivery).

Major surrogacy costs for the services pertinent to the gestational surrogacy in Ukraine can vary based on factors such as different surrogate needs or differing IVF treatments. Payment to a surrogate may also vary within the situation of a miscarriage based on gestational age. Perhaps the most significant cost component is the payment to a surrogate herself.

Parents Life acts as an independent arbitrator that determines the scope of services fulfilled by a surrogate and, simultaneously, guarantees the payment of her compensation.

Additionally to that particular compensation, a surrogate will get a stipend including monthly expenses for supplementary food, clothes and compensation for work-time loss.

Expenses for the IVF procedure range from the cost of the process itself and the cost of medicines for induction of superovulation and synchronization of menstrual cycles. The cost for the IVF services may increase due to various options, namely, ICSI, IMSI, assisted hatching, PGD/CGH, cryopreservation, yet others. Clearly, if pregnancy does not occur after the first attempt, the expenses will increase for the cost of repeated procedures or even for the cost of cryopreserved embryos transfer.

Parents Life offers packages including unlimited frozen embryo transfers (FETs) until pregnancy is achieved or all cryopreserved embryos are used. Cost of a medical support for a surrogate depends on the service range selected and varies broadly. Mostly pregnancy maintenance services and delivery are incorporated into common package.

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