TOP 20 Commonly Asked Questions

About A Surrogacy In Ukraine

Review TOP 20 questions and answers from our experts that most likely interest you about a surrogacy in Ukraine, as well as the tips on how to proceed in some cases.

About A Surrogacy In Ukraine

TOP 20 Commonly Asked Questions.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, only the intended parents have their exclusive right to be recorded as the biological parents of their newborn baby in the birth certificate. A surrogate will not be mentioned in it.

No, in the official documents that you will get in your hands, there will be no mentioning of the methods of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that were used for your child’s birth.

You must register your newborn baby within 30 calendar days from the date of his/her birth.

In fact, there is a step-by-step process, well described in our website. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you discuss with your family lawyer about further legalizing of your newborn baby in the country of your residence. Perhaps, the latter will deem it necessary to prepare a formal request to the consulate, or/and the immigration service, in order to study the legal procedure in detail.

Once a surrogacy is legally prohibited in the country of your residence and you will get an exact answer about the impossibility of your newborn baby further legalization, we think that you cannot undertake a surrogacy in Ukraine in your particular case.

We have several predefined surrogacy programs that meet most of our intended parents’ demands. Anyway, we will be getting in touch with you to create an exclusive scope of works belonging to your surrogacy program based on your demand.

Constantly we try to offer our intended parents a fair price, formed based on their particular situation. However, we are ready to consider your reasonable request for discounting the cost of your surrogacy program.

We understand that money inflow and outflow is individual for each our client. Of course, we have our own payment schedule for the contracts that related to certain gestational weeks. Nevertheless, we are ready to consider your request.

Acquisition of the Ukrainian citizenship by birth is one of the ways to realize a right on the citizenship of Ukraine. Under the Law “On Citizenship of Ukraine”, a person has the right on citizenship of Ukraine in the following cases:

  • if one or both of his/her parents are citizens of Ukraine,
  • if the person was born in Ukraine, and his/her parents do not have Ukrainian citizenship, but they stay in Ukraine legally,
  • if the person was born outside Ukraine, and his/her parents do not have Ukrainian citizenship, but legally stay in Ukraine, and the person has not obtained the citizenship of another country by birth on its territory,
  • if the person was born in Ukraine, and his/her parents are foreign citizens or don’t have citizenship at all, but legally live in Ukraine, and if the person has not acquired citizenship of one of parents country,
  • if the person was born in Ukraine, and his/her parents (both or one of them) had a refugee status or were granted asylum in Ukraine, and if the person has not acquired citizenship of one of parents,
  • if a person was found in Ukraine, and his/her parents are unknown.

A person, who meets at least one of aforementioned items, becomes a citizen of Ukraine immediately after his/her birth.

No, Parents Life will never ever use surrogate’s eggs as it contradicts the notion of a gestational surrogacy in Ukraine and is prohibited by the law. An egg donor is someone completely different from the woman who is carrying your child.

Ukraine is one of a very few countries where Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or screening (PGS) for gender selection are legally allowed. This is a great advantage of Ukraine and one of the reasons of the country rising popularity in IVF.

Not always. Parents Life usually has a list of women signed up to be surrogates that we screened thoroughly before the beginning of your surrogacy program. Sure, we will approve the selected surrogate candidate with you.

Although all egg donors are anonymous according to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, you can still request certain phenotypic characteristics during the matching phase. It may not always be possible to get exactly what do you expect, but you can get sufficient similarity in most cases.

Yes, of course, she must be a natural mother of at least one child, who was born without any miscarriages or major complications.

No, there have to be the confirmed medical reasons why you cannot carry a child yourself.

Yes, a thorough testing is done on the surrogates before they are signed up. Parents Life will also provide a surrogate with a lodging and additional nutrition during the last trimester of her pregnancy.

It is possible to stimulate the onset of lactation, although there are no guarantees. You will need to take hormone therapy and start breast pumping several times a day for several months leading up to the time of birth to get your milk ducts flowing but there are no guarantees that it will work or that there will be enough milk to satisfy your newborn baby. Think about artificial feeding for your newborn baby.

This is an individual request through Parents Life and through a surrogate. However, we do not recommended this as it will create an unnecessary psychological bond between your newborn baby and a surrogate.

It is not recommended. Anyway, this is an individual request to a surrogate who may be very shy and need privacy. If a surrogate agrees and the maternity hospital agrees as well, only the intended mother will be allowed to be present. No males are allowed to participate at the birth.

No, a surrogate and her family have signed the legal papers revoking all parental rights.

All our intended parents felt safe in Ukraine. Of course, some precautions have to be taken when you travel anywhere now with the threat of global terrorist attacks or so. Another suggestion when you are in Ukraine, you need to pay attention to the food, purchased on the markets, water from the tap and not to get flu in winter. In general, you are safe in Ukraine.

From a medical point of view, pediatricians recommend to do that only 7 days after the delivery, providing you have a healthy child. Up to the age of 3 months babies do not have that popping mechanism in their ears so there is no concern when it comes to take offs and landings. In general, newborns sleep the whole way home apart from waking up for their feeds.

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