Your Journey Begins Here!

Decision Time – Could We, Should We, Will We?

As the intended parents, you are likely to have many questions once you turn to a surrogacy process.

Your Journey Begins Here!

We will be happy to help you as your journey begins here!

It is a huge decision to make, and it might not be the right one for everyone. There are some other options – more suitable to the intended parents. If there is no other way of conceiving naturally or with the help of In vitro fertilization (IVF), the options that are left are adoption or surrogacy.

An adoption is a big expense and a long drawn out process. Thus, more than 73,000 orphans are registered in Ukraine, but only 20-30% of them can be adopted potentially.

During the last year, only 10% of that amount was actually adopted. The national adoption significantly prevails over the interstate one. There are still too many couples on the waiting list as most commonly the birth mother gets assistance from the local authorities to raise her baby herself, with a regular counselling.

When all other options are exhausted, many intended parents would turn to a surrogacy. Some of them are even going with a surrogacy before considering adoption.

With a surrogacy, a baby must have the DNA of at least one of the intended parents. If the intended mother still produces eggs but cannot carry her child, then she will do a full IVF treatment.

Intended mother’s eggs will be removed once they are mature and combined with her partner’s sperm to create their embryos.

If the intended mother can no longer provide her own eggs, she can engage an egg donor to provide them for her. The donor has to be someone other than a surrogate, whose eggs combined with the intended father’s sperm will create intended mother’s embryos.

How Badly Intended Parents Want A Child

The Biggest Decision To Make

The biggest decision to be made by the intended parents is whether they can financially afford a surrogacy or not.

The biggest decision to be made by the intended parents is whether they can financially afford a surrogacy or not. It is a big outlay, but depending on how badly the intended parents want a child, sacrifices can be made.

The next step is to choose the country where it would be best to look for a surrogate.

Many would prefer to pay extra money, approximately three times the amount, to go to the USA or Canada where they believe surrogates may be healthier to carry a child. In addition, a newborn will be able to apply for citizenship.

Many intended parents choose Ukraine mainly for the reason that a surrogate relinquishes her rights to a newborn soon after the delivery. In the USA, a surrogate does not always relinquish the right to a newborn and it can take years to resolve it in a court.

It happens because the Ukrainian surrogate is doing it to support her own family and create a better life conditions for them.

Another reason is quite evident, although no one can deny it. It would be very hard emotionally not to bond with a newborn a surrogate has carried for nine months. The newborn does not have surrogate’s genes and will not have any similarity to her.

The community supports widely a surrogacy in Ukraine. Ukraine is not a rich country with sufficient nutrition for the entire population.

That is why Parents Life is very thorough with surrogates’ selection.

We only choose surrogates that have had all of the necessary tests done and are nutritionally and emotionally fit to carry a child to a term.

They must have had live births before without any complications during the pregnancy or the birth. They must not have had any miscarriages and their husband/partner must give them full support.

Most surrogates are housed in apartments (starting from the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy), rent by Parents Life, to provide suitable accommodation, nutritional meals and support from councilors, doctors and nurses for the duration of the pregnancy. To stay near the maternity hospital is a major support for the women as well.

For some intended parents this is an easy and quick decision: they make up their mind, do their research and get on it straight away. For others – it takes longer. They discuss it a lot between themselves, their family and friends, do a lot of research and spend months (even years) pondering whether this is the right decision for them. Sometimes it just takes a long time to be able to raise enough money.

There will be many comments – good and bad – everybody has an opinion but this is up to the intended parents to decide. Do not let others alter your decisions; unless of course it is for a medical reason, then you, as intended parents, must follow the advice of your doctor.

Discuss it well with your partner and make sure it is what you both want. Make sure that the time is right for you both!

Every Surrogate Has Her Own Reasons For Doing Surrogacy

Surrogacy Is Legal In Ukraine

There must be a medical reason for doing surrogacy in Ukraine, as it is not for those who simply do not want to be pregnant.

There is a lot of controversy over surrogacy in Ukraine as well as other countries. Some say it takes advantage of the under privileged and exploits women.

Others say it is beneficial for the intended parents who are unable to carry their own child, but also for a surrogate and her family. Yes, the intended parents pay a surrogate to carry their child but a surrogate is doing it willingly and with her husband’s permission so that their family can have a better future. Every surrogate has her own reasons for doing this: to have a better house to live in, to be able to educate their own children, to give her family a better start in life in a not rich country.

Is it right or wrong? Is it ethical? That is up to the intended parents to decide. Everyone is entitled to an opinion although all do not equally share opinions.

There are many reasons why the intended parents consider surrogacy. Some of them are unable to carry a child for medical reasons. Some women no longer have any viable eggs. Others have good eggs, but they do not have the womb to carry a child or they even need an egg donor who is always someone other than a surrogate.

There must be a medical reason for doing surrogacy in Ukraine, as it is not for those who simply do not want to be pregnant.

Why Ukraine? Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine though it is legal to do it commercially. Either you can advertise for a surrogate, or you can pay a surrogate to carry your child.

This is not easy, as many find it hard to give up a child they have carried for nine months. In some countries, the intended parents then have to adopt the child even if it is their own DNA.

There are other countries where it is commercialized but financially out of the reach of some people. It is not that the Ukrainians are being shortchanged; it is just paid accordingly to the people’s means of living.

A surrogate in Ukraine, although being paid a lot less than surrogate in the USA, is averaging around ten years wages with what she is paid. If a surrogate in the USA were paid the same amount, it would hardly be worthwhile as their expenses are a lot higher.



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