Learn From the Real Parents Life’s Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Learn from the real Parents Life’s client testimonials about treating their infertility issues with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Ukraine.

Client Testimonials

Learn from the real Parents Life’s client testimonials.

Hysterectomy (uterus removal) was a verdict for me that crossed out my life. I am only 30, but I can never get my own children? How can I reconcile with this idea and live further? The only one thing could save me. Before the surgery, my husband and I miraculously left a particle of ourselves in our embryos! Having decided on surrogacy, I found the meaning of life again, realizing that eventually our own baby will be born.

Under the strict guidance of Parents Life, we gradually approached the long-awaited dream. Finally, I became a mom! I am grateful to God, and Parents Life, who could bring me back to life, and to the true mission of a woman – to be a mother!

Anna & MarkUK

Five failed IVF attempts, uterine fibroids inside the uterine cavity, the age factor… I am a desperate woman, from the mere thought that I could not, I cannot and I will never be able to have my own children again! Is this the meaning of my life? The IVF program with a donor egg and a surrogacy in Kiev gave me the last hope.

We chose Parents Life thanks to our friends, who already had a positive experience working with the company. Instead of me, my girlfriend arranged for children’s shopping. We did the right choice. Everything was like in a beautiful movie with us as main heroes and with a happy end – our twins – a boy and a girl! I am the happiest mom in the world!

Marina & VadimRussia

In the beginning, we were cautious about Ukraine. Uncertainty, three months of the numerous questions’ discussion, recommendations of our friends… We decided and did not regret! After an embryo transfer, Parents Life recommended that we forget our stress and go to see Europe. Visiting Zlatá Praha, we realized two dreams at once – we saw Europe and we had royal twins – what could be better? Dreams come true, we believe in miracles!

A very low bow to Irina and Dmitry for everything that you have done for us! Everything went just fine, since the first Skype call to you. You gave us a son and a sweetheart daughter. They give you a big Hello, and they will not wait until they grow up to come and see Kiev themselves! From us – thank you so much for the two lumps of happiness that settled in our home! Dreams come true. Believe in miracles!

Natalia & ValUSA

Everything started when I was 19 years old. Automobile accident, numerous surgeries and 30 years of the infertility. I became the “money making machine”, teaching children of other people, breeding parrots, investing in maintenance my own health. I did not have time to know the happiness of motherhood, and, perhaps, I would have never known it if I had not had the opportunity to take a closer look at Parents Life. They know exactly what they are doing. When they start something, they definitely finish it, no matter what.

A surrogacy program, the waiting months and my son’s small hands on my chest. Isn’t this the happiness that the God gave me for my suffering? “Seeing is believing” the Chinese proverb says. We entrusted Parents Life ourselves, making the decision to give our little son a sister. When we were still in the maternity hospital, we signed a new surrogacy agreement. Now we are waiting for our second baby!

Cindy & FuTaiwan

My initial pregnancy was extremely difficult, although it ended with the birth of a long-awaited son. We were happy. Several years later, the diagnosis of “secondary infertility” closed the discussion about my ability to give my son a smaller sister. Whatever I did, fate did not leave me a single chance.

The last chance was the IVF clinic. We chose a well-known surrogacy agency Parents Life and “the Journey of a lifetime” – 9 months of our surrogate’s pregnancy stretched for long. Our son has found happiness in the person of his sister, whose birth would not have been possible without the help of people who have devoted themselves to the lives of others. We are grateful to the people who believed in us!

Natalia & AndreyUSA

All my pregnancies ended with a miscarriage in the early stages or fading on later. I felt overwhelming heartache, realizing that there may come a time when I cannot only bear the child, but even conceive one. With this thought, I continued to live for many years until I turned to professionals for help. I entered a surrogacy program. Yuriy supported me, although, being a doctor, he took a “wait-and-see” attitude, watching closely at every step and constantly waiting for a dirty trick from one or another side.

The result of the program was our long-awaited boy, born under a strict control of Parents Life. My gratitude has no limits for the opportunity given. Now we are seriously thinking about one more child.

Talina & YuriyUkraine

Last year passed in the needs and concerns about our first-born. We cannot convey our feelings and emotions! He is the most beautiful and intelligent child in the world! We live every moment of his life next to him. Our first sleepless nights, his studying look, his first smile, his first teeth and his first word of “mom” – the opportunity to hear this in my 50s is priceless. In the needs and care, we did not notice how we became the happy parents of our daughter.

We do not regret for entrusting our second surrogacy to Parents Life. We will be grateful to you guys all our life!

Cindy & FuTaiwan

Desperate at the thought that we will never be able to have our own children, the adoption was the first thing that came to our mind. We stopped when we understood that the child would have no genetic link with us. In the end, we abandoned the routine procedure of adoption and became among the few Chinese couples who came to Ukraine for surrogacy.

We did not expect that a rather complicated process would end with the birth of a long-awaited baby, born to us by blood. We thank Parents Life for the opportunity given to us to become happy parents.

Wang & DingChina

Six unsuccessful IVF attempts, ending with a miscarriage for a period of 6-7 weeks gestation, simply drove me into a corner without leaving any choice. How can we continue? The answer appeared by itself. Having weighed all the pros and cons, my husband and I decided to use the help of a surrogate; otherwise, I simply would not be able to survive another IVF attempt. My husband, probably, knew something, taking two fishing spoons for the first ultrasound with him. Not because he likes fishing very much, but because they became a talisman for him. Today I am a happy mother of two boys! Sincerely, we are grateful to Parents Life for the happiness that you gave us!

Marina & VladimirUkraine

Countless and unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant naturally… Several years of spent time and money: trips to clinics and doctors trying to find out what is wrong with me and why I cannot have my children, as I want so much to have them. A terrible diagnosis (cancer), preparation, surgery… We did not lose hope – in fact, there were still ovaries with me. IVF with a surrogacy? It was the only chance to have our baby with our genetic linkage.

The people from Parents Life – thank you so much, for what you are doing, for your help and continuous support. Thanks to a surrogate who bore and gave birth to our son and a kowtow to her.

Anna & JaroslavUkraine

The cause of my infertility was Asherman’s syndrome. I could no longer conceive and endure the child myself. We were offered an IVF program with an egg donor and a surrogacy. Realizing that this is hardly the only effective chance in my case, we started looking for a surrogacy agency.

I did not notice of how, together with Parents Life, we entered the program, and how we ended one with the birth of our long-awaited daughter. The whole process worked as a common Swiss mechanism! I fell in love with the little girl forever, finding in both of us certain similarity. I am a happy mother, and little by little, I forget about my diagnosis. Now I have someone to think about day and night. Professionals, ready to come to the rescue at any time, always surrounded us. Thank you very much!

Camilla & CarlosSpain

Arriving from Kiev after the IVF program, my wife quietly whispered in my ear. “We will have a baby!” she said. At first, I did not take these words seriously until the first ultrasound comes through. “You have a triplet pregnancy!”- said the doctor.

These words will forever remain in my mind. We quailed and decided on a reduction, primarily because we feared not to bear. Preparations to the trip, numerous flights, repeated ultrasound in Kiev. Unfortunately, we did not save our two children, by “losing” them along the way.

Further – more or less normal single-pregnancy, ended in 37 weeks with the birth of our son. We are grateful to Parents Life for keeping our fingers on the pulse every day, starting with the selection of the egg cells donor until the birth of our a baby.

Helen & ChristopherFiji

We turned to Irina and Dmitry (Parents Life) on our American friends’ recommendation. Not so long ago they got twins. We decided to follow their example, entrusting the birth of our long-awaited babies to Parents Life. Word of mouth has become the best recommendation for us. We came to Ukraine for 5 days. All issues were resolved clearly and quickly. I never thought that we would even have time to see Kiev, accompanied by Irina and Dmitry.

In ten months, we became happy parents of two sons. Now we sometimes spend amazing weekends with our friends, who have a girl and a boy. We have many common interests now as the difference in age between our children is only one year. I hope our children will be very friendly and will spend a lot of time together, like did their parents for 15 years.

Emily & AlexanderCanada

We are a couple from Madrid and we want to share our impressions with similar couples who are in a situation similar to ours about Parents Life. Now we are overwhelmed with the most sincere and positive emotions after the birth of our kids (boy 3.1 kg. and girl 2.9 kg.) using gestational surrogacy. My wife has a congenital absence of the uterus (Rokitansky-Kyustner syndrome). Having met her in school years, I still love her as much as at the beginning of our relationship. She became my life, my love.

Upon knowing her diagnosis, I got over the idea that we would never have children. In caring for each other, we have lived many long years. Continuing to care for each other, we will take care of our babies for the rest of our lives. We are grateful to Parents Life with all our heart for what they are doing for people. Usted es la major!

Veronica & DiegoSpain

Hello, Irina and Dmitry! Thank you very much for all the help you have provided us during the course of our surrogacy arrangement. It is not an easy journey but each one of you truly made a difference and helped us along each step of the way. Thank you for answering all of our questions with patience and kindness. It is our hope that you can continue to help couples achieve their dreams for their child!

Wishing you all the best!

Fang & ZhenChina

We are from the UK. We have been married for almost 9 years. Over these years, we have had a lot of fertility challenges and heartbreaks. We have had two babies born at 25 weeks (deceased), 5 miscarriages, and 7 IVF sessions in the UK, Canada and Ukraine. Finally, in 2015, we joyfully brought into the world our son, Patrick. He is the “result” of a donor IVF program at Parents Life in Ukraine. We are grateful to Parents Life for the gift of the life that was given to us!

Bella & MarkUK

Dear Irina and Dmitry, thank you so much for giving us the chance to learn the joy of becoming happy parents. Now we have our wonderful newborn, our procreation, and meaning of all our life. For many years, doctors have doomed us to infertility. You have done the impossible, giving us hope for our little one. The main thing is to hope and believe. We believed in you, because we consider you as the professionals with a capital letter. You have kind hearts, clever hands and the God-given greatest gift ever – to help people.

Dear intended parents, all of those who read our testimonial. Trust these wonderful people, believe that you will always succeed, most importantly, do not bottle yourself up, and do not keep your spirits down. Miracles happen with ordinary people too. We wish everyone good luck and well-being on your journey!

George & SofiaUK

Dear Irina and Dmitry, good afternoon! I would like to express our most sincere gratitude and a very low bow to you and your “golden hands”! Thanks to your efforts, faith in success, and God’s help, a little less than a month ago, we became happy parents! We grow, and are infinitely happy, often remembering you!

For those who read my review, I can never despair and give up, under no circumstances! It is very important to trust sincere people, you around, and most importantly to believe in your future little one. Then everything will turn out! A million times THANK YOU from all our “renewed” family!

Ksenia & VladUkraine

Hello, Irina and Dmitry! We, a married couple from Taiwan, whom you recently gave beautiful twin-girls. We already have two children of our own, by the way, both girls too! When we were diagnosed with “secondary infertility”, we could no longer have our children, and even stopped dreaming about them, although in soul, we returned to the idea of ​​sons. Now we are already at home with the little ones, growing, gaining weight and growth, and making happy our beloved ones.

We thank you with all our heart for this miracle! We wish you good health, success in your good cause, well-being and long life! Give joy to people and let the Lord always keep and protect you!

Angela & SummerTaiwan

Thank you, dears, for your skilled work and the wonderful outcome I had at Parents Life! Despite my initial prognosis, I ultimately had a very successful surrogacy arrangement at Parents Life and am now a happy mom! I must also acknowledge the work of Dr. Irina whom coordinated a successful prenatal care as well as staff at Parents Life for their professionalism and care.

I am absolutely thrilled and so very blessed and to God I give the glory! I thank God that I was referred to the Agency and doctor that was able to help make my dream come true!

Irina & EugeneUkraine

We, the Ukrainian married couple from Kyiv, have long dreamed of children, and had been trying a few unsuccessful IVF treatments for several years. Our friends told us that we could get in touch with Parents Life agency for the purpose of gestational surrogacy, also giving birth to a child. Finally, we had healthy and beautiful twins in November 2019!

In view of this, I wanted to leave my feedback. Personally, for me, full understanding of cost behavior was very important, same the most important was the aspect to having a proper documentary workflow (clear algorithm, contract payments, registering of babies, etc.). For my wife, it was quite important to following the proper protocols for medical procedures, also pregnancy maintenance and giving birth by a surrogate. The Parents Life agency (represented by its owners Dmitry and Dr. Irina) has dealt with all these tasks professionally, thus I truly want to refer them for those couples who are also looking for a miracle!

Igor & NataliaUkraine

On our first trip to Kyiv, Ukraine, Dmitry and Irina (Parents Life agency) had shown great professionalism and been helpful in every aspects of our staying including tourism, meals and bring accommodation. We are so lucky to have twins just after first embryo transfer. We are also conscious about a surrogacy pregnancy, but with Parents Life’s devotion, our journey had gone smoothly, thus finally the full-term twins are now in our hands so really. What is most important for us, they both are genetically healthy.

I would strongly recommend Parents Life agency to those married couples who are looking for creating full-ledge families in their lives, and thank you so much to both of you again!

Sofi & JasonTaiwan
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