What Makes Us Different

The Parents Life Agency

As the international surrogacy agency, our goal is to bring the joy of a family to those who need help with fertility treatments, and to help infertile couples in a professional and caring manner.

About Us

Parents Life is the leading reputable provider of fertility treatments to couples from Ukraine and abroad since 2013.


Nothing happens without teamwork, and we truly appreciate the contributions that were made by everyone involved.


We are looking for qualified personnel, who received experiences relevant to the company’s field of operations.

So, You Want To Build a Family?

Welcome to The Parents Life Agency

So, you want to build a family? Maybe, you are someone holding a hand of a beloved one going through a fertility journey. Or, perhaps you are someone who needs medical assistance to start your own family. Because you are reading this introduction, we feel safe in guessing that things have not been going as planned insofar as having a baby in the “old-fashioned” way. Indeed, you came to the right place!

Welcome to Parents Life, the reputable international surrogacy agency in Ukraine, and thank you so much for your interest!

Your fertility journey moves forward. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, but with the right team in place, it can be even beautiful way to build your family!

Most of the players involved in the surrogacy process, which mainly includes lawyers, physicians, mental health professionals, are all licensed professionals who report to a strict higher governing authority and are subject to state disciplinary bodies for violating both standards of practice and ethical rules. However, some of the critical players, such as egg donor and surrogate that help you on the way, often operate with little to no regulation.

The reputable international surrogacy agency not only locates surrogates themselves (from around Ukraine), but also acts as a facilitator for the entire surrogacy process. This can, and often will, result in the relief of an extraordinary amount of stress and confusion for all parties involved.

As the international surrogacy agency, Parents Life locates prescreened egg donor and surrogate, performs home assessments of surrogate, provides guidance of the expenses associated with the surrogacy process, recommends reputable professionals to assist with the psychological screening, medical procedures, and legal team, and continues to play a role supporting the relationship between intended parents and surrogate – through the “thick and thin” approach. When trying to find surrogate solo, intended parents may not know the “red flags” to look for in picking surrogate or where to even find someone to act as surrogate. As the reputable international surrogacy agency, Parents Life hears all the stories behind and addresses the “red flags” when we see them. This can save intended parents’ time, expense, and heartache throughout the surrogacy process.

An invaluable contribution of Parents Life international surrogacy agency is that the international surrogacy agency acts as an intermediary between intended parents and surrogate. The relationship between the parties is in part a business deal and in part an emotionally charged endeavor. Discussing financials and business terms between intended parents and surrogate can be uncomfortable and even lead to negative dealings between the parties. This should be avoided however reasonably possible. When working with Parents Life, the international surrogacy agency should negotiate all of the expenses paid to surrogate, so that intended parents and surrogate never ever have to discuss money issues. This keeps the relationship between intended parents and surrogate focused on the end goal of a healthy pregnancy (delivery of a healthy newborn), without muddying the waters with financial negotiation.

Parents Life Knows What We Are Doing

Word-of-mouth repute

Parents Life is the company that actually knows what we are doing. Parents Life’s best resource is “word-of-mouth” from intended parents who have gone through the surrogacy process with us, and recommendations from medical institutions we work with throughout the years.

Each international surrogacy agency works differently. For Parents Life, providing patient-centric care environment is one of the goals evangelized by the company to deliver quality of the surrogacy process. In this way, Parents Life:

  • Focuses on intended parents’ individual needs, aspirations and expectations, rather than the needs of medical institutions or professionals,
  • Recognizes the need for intended parents to have choice, control and continuity from known medical institutions or professionals,
  • Encompasses the needs of newborn, intended parents’ family and other people important to intended parents, as defined and negotiated by intended parents themselves,
  • Follows intended parents across the interface of community and acute settings,
  • Addresses social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs and expectations,
  • Recognizes intended parents’ expertise in decision-making process.

Why do intended parents choose Parents Life?

The emotional and psychological impact of infertility can be extremely difficult. While one in five couples encounter fertility issues, each person is unique in terms of the support, care and fertility treatments they require.

Choosing the reputable international surrogacy agency can be confusing and valuable time and money sometimes can be wasted on medical institutions that do not have the specific knowledge or expertise to explore all options fully. There are too many reasons to choose Parents Life as your international surrogacy agency of choice, namely:

  • At Parents Life results are guaranteed,
  • We work from the ground up by driving value,
  • Our commitment is to care for our intended parents,
  • Highest degree of confidentiality,
  • Strict compliance with the legislation of Ukraine,
  • Strict own rules and regulations we follow up,
  • Our reputation is based on “word of mouth”,
  • Intended parents’ support around the clock and seven days a week,
  • Quality/price ratio – value for money,
  • Transparency and absence of the hidden costs,
  • Patient-centric care environment,
  • Personalized fertility treatments for intended parents’ flexibility.

As the reputable international surrogacy agency in Ukraine, Parents Life has operated a successful surrogacy process for a long time, coupled with proven experience of using surrogacy to build happy families!

The First Step to Becoming Happy Parents

The Help And Kindness Of Others

In our first years of operation, several surrogate babies were born and we continue to offer kind support and cordial advice to women who wish to be egg donors or surrogates within our egg donation and surrogacy programs, and to couples who wish to meet them once a fertility problem is detected.

The Point Of Reference

Optimal treatment and care

We try to give every couple optimal treatment and care in the process and therefore we are the point of reference both at a national and European level in the field of assisted reproduction, both for couples wishing to have a child and for women who can cordially help them on this way.

State-of-the-art Technology

The Highest European Quality

At Parents Life, we work with our co-operative physicians in the most prominent clinics throughout Ukraine, and we unite their passion with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous controls to ensure that the programs we bring to you are of the highest European quality.

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