Surrogates Make Your Dreams Come True!

Interaction Among Participants

Foreign couples frequently need support during selection of surrogates and coordination of the entire legal process related to a surrogacy.

Process Coordination

Interactions among the intended parents, surrogates and Parents Life.

The Ukrainian legislation enables surrogacy for both Ukrainian and foreign couples. This attracts intended parents from countries where domestic legislation might be less tolerant and the cost of the surrogacy services is significantly higher than in Ukraine. Additionally, there is a demand for a surrogacy from local couples in Ukraine. The intended parents from inside Ukraine frequently search for surrogates among friends or family. This search might be quite time-consuming but is frequently less expensive than rather getting a professional surrogacy agency to do all of the duties. An independent search for candidates for surrogates is highly risky and practically can be done by married couples residing in Ukraine.

Foreign couples frequently need support during selection of surrogates and coordination of the entire legal process related to surrogacy. The latter are also frequently restricted in time of their stay in Ukraine. Therefore, the most efficient method for foreign couples is to use the services supplied by surrogacy agencies. Based on the Procedure of assisted reproductive technologies use, ART might be offered by IVF clinics which have the right license, equipment and accreditation certificate, although surrogacy agencies takes a significant part in supplying surrogacy services in Ukraine.

As an international surrogacy agency in Ukraine, Parents Life does not provide medical services but focuses rather on selecting surrogates and entire coordination of surrogacy programs, as well as on the legal support and additional services associated with surrogacy programs. Hereafter, we will review some options regarding interactions among the intended parents, surrogates and Parents Life.

When signing up to Parents Life, the intended parents get access to the database of surrogates prescreened by Parents Life who meet medical and legal requirements.

An essential element of the surrogacy is legal support that can be provided either by Parents Life or private lawyers on Parents Life’ advices.

Then intended parents can independently (or, with the help of Parents Life) select an IVF clinic to supervise the IVF treatment cycle and embryo transfer to a surrogate. After getting pregnant, a surrogate can register with maternity hospital by herself or mostly with the help of Parents Life. The intended parents may choose the maternity hospital for the child delivery individually. However, Parents Life always offers their assistance in selecting the maternity hospital.

After the delivery, the intended parents can individually apply to state registration authorities, but Parents Life will be ready to step onto the key task of the official registration of a newborn. To be able to receive citizenship or travel documents for a newborn, the intended parents should contact the consulate of their country. Parents Life will help them in preparation of the required documents for the embassies and provide legal support when submitting these documents.

Working independently from the surrogacy agencies and having their own surrogacy databases or using individuals supplied by partner surrogacy agencies, some IVF clinics may also help foreign couples to find surrogates. Attorneys employed by such IVF clinics or third-party lawyers usually provide legal support before IVF treatment. IVF clinics rarely can sort out registration of surrogates in a women’s clinic, selection of a maternity hospital and an OB/GYN who will deliver the baby, and almost never play in the child’s registration with the state registration authorities. IVF clinics are certainly not involved in the interaction of the intended parents with the embassies.


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