IVF, Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy

Program Packages

We have put together the below topics to introduce our Agency and to describe how Parents Life can support you through every stage of the assisted reproduction, including IVF, egg donation and gestational surrogacy.

Program Packages

It will be the first steps in your journey.

Enjoy Third-party Reproduction!

Our Program Packages –
An overview

As third-party reproduction is more widely used, the options available through third-party reproduction provide many couples with the opportunity to make their dream of a parenthood a reality.

Start of the Process

Which Package May Be Right For You?

Assisted reproduction is a complex, emotional and costly journey, but well worth the end result. The exact steps really depend on what your particular infertility situation is.

  • Offer The Appropriate Treatment To Suitable Patients

    We encourage both partners to attend together the primary consultation in the IVF clinic and we thoroughly study them as a “unit”.

  • Pay Attention To Details Throughout The Entire Process
    We pay attention at the initial consultation to the medical history of both partners, their previous OB/GYN history and the need for further medical exams.
  • The Process Of IVF May Seem Daunting And Overwhelming
    However, when we break the whole process down into simple steps, it becomes a lot more manageable.
  • More Detailed Information – Less Stress
    Parents Life provides detailed calendars and schedules for the IVF process and includes updated reminders as the process progresses.
  • The Basic Steps In The IVF Treatment Cycle
    (i) ovarian stimulation, (ii) egg retrieval, (iii) fertilization of eggs with sperm, (iv) embryo transfer into the uterus, (v) freezing of the remaining embryos, (vi) pregnancy test.


IVF treatment helps infertile couples achieve pregnancy. Within the “IVF” package, one IVF cycle will be covered, though multiple IVF cycles may be necessary.

Egg Donation

Patients choose egg donation for different reasons – some have a history of infertility treatments, while others suddenly realize that they need IVF treatment with egg donation.

  • Upon Becoming A Patient At IVF Clinic
    An egg donor signs all the required forms consenting to the egg retrieval and acknowledges the medical risks involved.
  • A Thorough Evaluation (Or Screening) Of Egg Donor
    This is of critical importance for the safety of an egg donor herself, intended parents, possible surrogate and prospective child.
  • Egg Donor Is Checked For Many Diseases And Conditions
    In addition to the medical exams and fertility evaluation, the egg donor is psychologically screened (MMPI Psychological Tests).
  • Simultaneous Processes Happening For Egg Donor
    Either intended mother or surrogate are simultaneously preparing their uterus for an embryo transfer.
  • Once Egg Donor Passes The Required Screening
    The process of retrieving egg donor’s eggs is the same as IVF egg retrieval procedure for intended mother; all eggs retrieved are yours!
  • The Use Of “Gestational Surrogate” Or “IVF & Surrogacy”
    A gestational surrogate has no genetic link with a newborn!
  • Process Of Naming The Intended Parents As The Legal Ones
    Unlike other countries, in Ukraine no adoption procedure is required. Names of the intended parents are written in the birth certificate upon newborn’s birth.
  • Surrogates Are Required To Relinquish Parental Rights
    After a child is born, as per procedure, we try to make sure that the surrogate’s name is not indicated the birth certificate, instead – to put intended parents’ names there.
  • International Couples Using Surrogate In Ukraine
    Immigration issues need to be discussed to ensure that a newborn is able to reenter international parents’ home country and obtain citizenship.
  • If The Legal Rights Of A Newborn Are Not Yet Clear
    If the surrogacy is not yet done in the way that creates correct legal rights for the intended parents, it is important to proceed with an experienced lawyer in their country.


Gestational surrogacy allows couples to become happy parents. Unlike many countries, Ukraine allows compensated surrogacy and this process requires medical and legal expertise.


The highly affordable “all-inclusive” surrogacy package, starting from meeting intended parents at Boryspil International Airport and finalizing with a newborn delivery at the maternity hospital.

  • You May Need A Few Rounds Before Being Successful
    Intended parents are provided with multiple frozen embryo transfers (FETs) using their remaining frozen embryos until they bring home a newborn.
  • Health Insurance Policy For A Surrogate
    A surrogate has a valid health insurance policy, which is expected to pay a significant portion of all extra medical bills related to her pregnancy.
  • Bed Rest Compensation To Prevent Preterm Labor
    If a surrogate is placed on a physician-ordered bed rest (it cannot be self-initiated), the latter receives her verifiable lost wages for the days she missed her work.
  • Importance Of A Frequent Nursing In The Early Weeks
    The first weeks are a learning time for intended parents and their newborn. Parents Life provides them with a professional nurse on duty for a duration of up to one month, eight hours a day.
  • No Matter What Is The Outcome, You Are Not Alone!
    Most importantly, we think, and you should know it, there are tens of thousands of others in your shoes as you read this, with hopes and dreams just like yours!
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