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Our Facebook Fan Page Celebrates A Pleasant Event

Dear Friends!

Wow! Today our professional Facebook Fan page celebrates a small but very pleasant event; there are 3,000 followers in our community there, continuing to growing! A lot or a little—it’s hard to say, it’s all relative. But for Parents Life, the reputable international surrogacy agency in Ukraine, it’s the best evaluation of our professionalism ever. Often, success isn’t measured by money only. Thanks for staying with us on our special occasion!

Standing at the forefront of the development of assisted reproduction in Ukraine, Parents Life managed to accumulate in-depth knowledge on infertility treatment, rich experience and evidence base, which we’re happy to passing on to you, our friends.

Today’s world, in which we live, is going through hard times. However, as difficult as it didn’t have, do not despair! It’s necessary to hope and believe in all the best! “The world is changing. So, don’t try to adapt—let it be adapting to us. One day it’ll start adapting to us.” (c) Andrey Makarevich.

So, stay with our professional Facebook Fan page. Tell your friends and relatives about our professional Facebook Fan page. We, in turn, will continue to evangelize the patient-centric approach in relation with you, setting ourselves as one of the key tasks, the creation of a full-fledged family for those of you who dream in it.

Sincerely thank you for being with us,

Your Parents Life.

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