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We were the first and remain the best international egg donation and surrogacy agency in Ukraine!

Hurry up to book your Christmas and New Year special price of € 45,500 on the most demanded guaranteed “all-inclusive” egg donation and surrogacy package in Ukraine incl. NGS-based 24-chromosome aneuploidy screening with gender selection!

Guaranteed Egg Donation and Surrogacy with NGS was € 48,500 now € 45,500

Ready to become happy parents?

Your journey starts here! Please don’t hesitate to book your personal discount of € 3,000 by sending us an inquiry via email Please use the coupon code PL2021AI,

Free consultation

We will arrange free consultation with your fertility Doctor, Ph.D., a recognized expert for 22 years on the topic of assisted reproduction in Ukraine. You will also get a 2nd opinion on your fertility treatment plan. We will discuss information about the requirements for IPs in Ukraine and the choice of the optimal package for your needs,

Legal aspects

Also, you will be consulted on all the legal aspects,

Start of your program

We will also advise you on the necessary documents for your visit to Kyiv. If you are using your own oocytes, you should undergo the preliminary tests. If you need an egg donor, you can choose an egg donor profile,

First visit to Kyiv

We will meet you in person and take you from Boryspil International Airport to your apartment located in Kyiv city center, which we rent for you (up to 3-5 days). Private transfer from the airport in a comfortable minibus will allow you not to waste your time and money arranging a taxi in the last minute. You will visit the medical center, get a personal consultation with your Doctor, Ph.D., leave a sperm sample, meet with a notary and sign all the necessary documents. If you have time, Kyiv is a great city to explore. We will be happy to accompany you during excursions and delicious meals!

IVF treatment starts

Up to three weeks, your egg donor will go through ovarian stimulation and eggs retrieval process, after which the embryologists will fertilize and cultivate your embryos ready for NGS-based 24-chromosome aneuploidy screening with gender selection and further implantation in the surrogate. Clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) is significantly higher with NGS (>65.7%),

Pregnancy maintenance

After confirming your surrogate pregnancy, the 24/7 pregnancy maintenance begins. Your Doctor, Ph.D., and program supervisor will regularly keep you informed on all relevant tests, medial conclusions, videos and pictures, so you can follow your child’s growth over the next very exciting months!

The day of birth has finally come!

A few weeks before the day of birth you will make your second trip to Kyiv for childbirth! As well as during your first visit, we will meet you in person and take you from Boryspil International Airport to your apartment located in Kyiv city center, which we rent for you (up to 30 days). You can stay with a newborn in the maternity hospital in separate VIP ward until the discharge as well as visiting the newborn on daytime. Pediatricians will be watching the newborn around the clock until discharge. You will be provided with a “Newborn Package” (everything you need to take care of the newborn). Baby cot and baby stroller will be waiting for you in the apartment. After childbirth, we will help you fill out all the necessary documents to prepare for your return home.

As a result of all the aforesaid stages, you will take in arms your own genetically healthy child, and the registration documents of the child will have no difference from the documents of children born as a result of natural conception!

Infertility is not a verdict! A dream is more powerful than a reality. We are ready to make your dream to full a full family come true!


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